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Full Name Angel
Crew Lu$h Crew
Crew Partner Miss Aubrey
Height (Unknown)
Weight (Unknown)
Birthday February 14
Other Details
Voice Actor Marcos Aguirre
First Appearance Dance Central
Playable In DC, DC2, DC3
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Angel is a character featured in Dance Central, Dance Central 2, and Dance Central 3. He is a member of Lu$h Crew with Miss Aubrey.

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Retro Fitted Crew Look Street Style DCI Agent DC Classic
CharAngelRetroFitted.png CharAngelCrewLook.png CharAngelStreetStyle.png CharAngelDCIAgent.png CharAngelDCClassic.png

Angel's playable outfits in Dance Central 3.


Dance Central

Character Selection
  • "Ay, hola, it's Angel. If you're calling 'cause you wanna go out, that's cool! But, you gotta pay though, 'cause I be más pelao más bien que una cabra, you know? Haha, 'aight, I'll talk to you soon."

Dance Central 3

0-2 Stars
  • "Venga, hay que darle más esfuerzo, más práctica!"
  • "No a todos les sale así porque si, hay que practicar!"
3-4 Stars
5 Stars
  • "You got some serious skill! I'm kinda like, blown away right now."
  • "Whoa, I about did a double take. You got something!"
  • "Ah yeah, that's how you get the big score. You gotta go all in."
Dance Battle
  • "Hoho, thank you. Giving me another chance to look good in front of my girl."


  • By his accent (when speaking Spanish), and his use of the slang word pelao (used here to mean finacially broke), it is deduced Angel is of Puerto Rican heritage.
  • Most of Angel's choreography specializes in Latin dance moves.
  • His bloodtype is O negative.
  • His favorite movie is listed as Love Across the Tracks: The Musical.
  • He attends a weekly poker night.
  • Angel’s unlockable, or secondary outfit, in the first game includes a logo on the back that Matt Perlott thought of as a marker for Angel’s club of choice.
  • According to HMXHellion, the Senior Writer at Harmonix, “Every audition we ran, we found people forcing or faking these really weird artificial accents. Marcos, our own DC choreographer, ended up being the voice behind Angel.”