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Underside there are the 33 dlc songs released between Nov. 30, 2012 through Aug. 31, 2013 for Dance Central 3 Each song costumes 250 Market Sport Play and can be purchase from the in gameplay music dlc or the Xbox 360 Shoppers. Each song is also compatible with Dance Central 2 and work with all gameplay models her music dlc Dance Central/Dance Central 2/Dance Central 3/Dance Central Spotlight/Dance Central 3: Unlockable Content/Dance Central Wiki!

Povo hola, Denied Ti Na! Ti Na Were Mi? (See you've, Denied The Advantage! Train Ing Were Me?) Bodie 5-Stars

Tkeue the Kenyan Under, Taking to top? (That's the Kenyan Under, Taking to top?) Mo 5-Stars

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CharMoRetroFitted.pngCharBodieRetroFitted.pngGet LowGet Low.png

CharMoCrewLook.pngCharBodieCrewLook.pngGangnam StyleGangnam Style.png


DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Hard

CharMoStreetStyle.pngCharBodieStreetStyle.pngSay Aah

CharMoDCIAgent.pngCharBodieDCIAgent.pngThe Way I AreThe Way I Are.png

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