Full Name Dare P. Batheson
Crew D-Coy
Crew Partner MacCoy
Height 5' 4"
Weight 114 lbs
Birthday February 29
Other Details
Voice Actor (Unknown)
First Appearance Dance Central
Playable In DC, DC3
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Dare is a character featured in Dance Central and Dance Central 3. She is a member of the D-Coy crew with MacCoy.

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DC Classic Under Control
CharDareDCClassic.png CharDareUnderControl.png

Dare's playable outfits in Dance Central 3.


Dance Central

Character Selection
  • "It's the D, the A, the R, to the E. Heh, alright. Let's get it sorted. Leave a message after the tone and I'll ring you back. Cheers, then."
  • "Hi you've reached Dare. I'm like, uh... really tired from clubbing last night. So uh... if you can leave a message I'll ring you back after I've had a bit of rest. Alright then, cheers."

Dance Central 3

0-2 Stars
  • "So that was kinda crazy there, right? Is it just me?"
  • "I am over it! So over it. Let's go do something else, yeah?"
3-4 Stars
  • "Clear out the dance floor! It's all about you, darling."
5 Stars
  • "I believe in alien abductions, Goji berry smoothies, and your talent."
Dance Battle


  • Dare's original name was Kyoko after Perlott's old penpal. But during a meeting, Dare Matheson (lead artist who was absent) became her namesake.
  • Hellion stated "... for some reason I thought of the character as having a voice like Lady Sovereign. Once I mentioned it we all started to kind of think of her as British, so that’s how we voiced her.”
  • According to one of her beginning dialouges in the first Dance Central, she makes most of her outfits.
  • Her bloodtype is B positive. Most likely a pun on her optimistic attitude.
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