Dance Central Wiki
Full Name Emilia
Crew Riptide
Crew Partner Bodie
Height (Unknown)
Weight (Unknown)
Birthday February 3
Other Details
Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh
First Appearance Dance Central
Playable In DC, DC2, DC3
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Emilia is a character featured in Dance Central, Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. She is a member of the Riptide crew with Bodie.

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Retro Fitted Crew Look Street Style DCI Agent DC Classic
CharEmiliaRetroFitted.png CharEmiliaCrewLook.png CharEmiliaStreetStyle.png CharEmiliaDCIAgent.png CharEmiliaDCClassic.png

Emilia's playable outfits in Dance Central 3.


Song Artist Difficulty
"1, 2 Step" Ciara ft. Missy Elliott Difficulty2.png
"All Around The World" Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris Difficulty5.png
"Baby Got Back (Mix Mix)" Sir Mix-A-Lot Difficulty6.png
"Calabria 2008" Enur ft. Natasja Difficulty5.png
"Club Can't Handle Me" Flo Rida ft. David Guetta Difficulty3.png
"DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" Usher ft. Pitbull Difficulty5.png
"Escapade" Janet Jackson Difficulty2.png
"Evacuate The Dance Floor" Cascada Difficulty1.png
"Fergalicious" Fergie ft. Difficulty6.png
"Firework" Katy Perry Difficulty3.png
"Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" C+C Music Factory Difficulty6.png
"I Gotta Feeling" Black Eyed Peas Difficulty3.png
"I Like It" Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull Difficulty3.png
"Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" Dem Franchise Boyz ft. Peanut & Charlay Difficulty2.png
"Maneater" Nelly Furtado Difficulty5.png
"Move Ya Body" Nina Sky Difficulty4.png
"On The Floor" Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull Difficulty5.png
"Pon De Replay" Rihanna Difficulty3.png
"Turnin Me On" Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne Difficulty7.png
"Umbrella" Rihanna ft. Jay-Z Difficulty4.png
"We Run This" Missy Elliott Difficulty6.png
"What Is Love" Haddaway Difficulty5.png


Dance Central 3

0-2 Stars
  • "So... that was a thing that just happened."
  • "Did we stretch out enough? Maybe we need a stretch break."
  • "You know, maybe I'm just not pushing you hard enough."
3-4 Stars
  • "Hoho, man... The gloves are coming off now!"
  • "Oh, look at you! Acting like you didn't just own that!"
5 Stars
  • "That was totally unbelievable! How'd you get so good?"
  • "Victory tastes ohhh-so-sweet. Doesn't it?
Dance Battle
  • "Hope you brought your swimmies. You got swept away by the riptide."
  • "Of course we got a positive attitude. We always win!"
  • "Battling's not really your thing. Why not try, literally, anything else."


  • Other than dancing, Emilia participates in volleyball and boxing.
  • According to Miss Aubrey's voice message, Emilia has a tendancy to play pranks on her.
  • Her favorite (fictional) movie is Psycho Mutant Cheerleader Rampage XVII.
  • She has two misdemeanor arrests.
  • Her bloodtype is A positive.
  • According to Perlott, Emilia is more muscular than the other female characters.
  • She was the first full character that the Harmonix game tester were able to interact and learn to dance with.