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Full Name Jaryn
Crew The Glitterati
Crew Partner Kerith
Height (Unknown)
Weight (Unknown)
Birthday June 4
Other Details
Voice Actor Patty Mattson
First Appearance Dance Central 2
Playable In DC2, DC3
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Jaryn is a character featured in Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. She is a member of the Glitterati crew with Kerith.

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Haute Blooded Crew Look Street Style
CharJarynHauteBlooded.png CharJarynCrewLook.png CharJarynStreetStyle.png

Jaryn's playable outfits in Dance Central 3.


Song Artist Difficulty
"Body To Body" Electric Valentine Difficulty3.png
"Like A G6" Far East Movement Difficulty5.png
"Marry The Night" Lady Gaga Difficulty3.png
"Oops (Oh My)" Tweet ft. Missy Elliott Difficulty3.png
"S&M" Rihanna Difficulty4.png
"Satellite" Lena Difficulty7.png
"Toxic" As Made Famous By Britney Spears Difficulty7.png


Dance Central 3

0-2 Stars
  • "I like you, so I can ignore whatever that was."
  • "Kerith and I have been through a lot, but nothing like that performance."
  • "What, what, WHAT, on earth were you doing?"
3-4 Stars
  • "Ooh, I'm confused. I thought you wanted to impress us."
5 Stars
  • "I do like you so. Shall we be friends forever?"
  • "Mm, interesting. Someone's been practicing, I see."
  • "Ooh, what an impressive score. What tricks are up your sleeve?"
  • "Do you really think you made it this far all on your very own?"
  • "Well, well... Let's hope your success isn't... short lived."
Dance Battle
  • "You dance as if there's something inside you longing to come out. A disease, perhaps?"