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CharacterImageMiss Aubrey.png
Miss Aubrey
Full Name Miss Aubrey
Crew Lu$h Crew
Crew Partner Angel
Height (Unknown)
Weight (Unknown)
Birthday October 20
Other Details
Voice Actor Marieve Herington
First Appearance Dance Central
Playable In DC, DC2, DC3
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Miss Aubrey is a character featured in Dance Central, Dance Central 2, and Dance Central 3. She is a member of Lu$h Crew with Angel.

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Retro Fitted Crew Look Street Style DCI Agent DC Classic
CharAubreyRetroFitted.png CharAubreyCrewLook.png CharAubreyStreetStyle.png CharAubreyDCIAgent.png CharAubreyDCClassic.png

Miss Aubrey's playable outfits in Dance Central 3.


Song Artist Difficulty
"Bulletproof" La Roux Difficulty2.png
"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" Kylie Minogue Difficulty2.png
"Ching-A-Ling" Missy Elliott Difficulty5.png
"Disco Inferno" The Trammps Difficulty3.png
"Disturbia" Rihanna Difficulty2.png
"Don't Cha" The Pussycat Dolls ft. Busta Rhymes Difficulty2.png
"Fire Burning" Sean Kingston Difficulty3.png
"Funky Town" Lipps Inc. Difficulty3.png
"Hello" Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette Difficulty5.png
"Hey Mami" Fannypack Difficulty1.png
"I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor Difficulty3.png
"Last Night" Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole Difficulty2.png
"London Bridge" Fergie Difficulty3.png
"Milkshake" Kelis Difficulty4.png
"Nasty" Janet Jackson Difficulty5.png
"Real Love" Mary J. Blige Difficulty1.png
"Rendez-vu" Basement Jaxx Difficulty4.png
"Round & Round" Selena Gomez & The Scene Difficulty5.png
"Straight Up" Paula Abdul Difficulty5.png
"Super Freak" Rick James Difficulty2.png
"The Edge Of Glory" Lady Gaga Difficulty2.png
"Venus" Bananarama Difficulty2.png
"What Makes You Beautiful" One Direction Difficulty2.png


Dance Central

Character Selection
  • "Hello, you've reached Miss Aubrey. If you're calling to apply for the open position as my friend, please leave detailed information about yourself and why you think you're good enough to hang out with me. Ciao."
  • "Hello there, you've reached the private line of Miss Aubrey. If it's Emilia calling to prank me again, it's not funny. If anyone else, leave a detailed message, thank you."

Dance Central 3

0-2 Stars
  • "Bless your heart. You're trying sooo hard."
  • "Not bad. Not, like... 'Aubrey' good, but– still..."
3-4 Stars
  • "It's all about those finishing touches now, isn't it?"
  • "So... that was actually kinda hot."
  • "I'm glad to know that I can take you places."
5 Stars
  • "Two things: That was amazing, and where did you get those shoes?"
  • "How major was that? You're just so fabulous."
  • "Finally, someone on my level. No offense, Angel."
  • "So, I'm thinking I love this. ALL of this."
Dance Battle


  • Miss Aubrey (along with her crew partner, Angel) is not the default character for any song rated higher than the "Legit" (5/7) difficulty.
  • She specializes in ballet type movements as seen in her victory animation sequences. This supports her statement of being "classically trained".
  • She enjoys intellectual stimulation, horseback riding, fencing, all forms of dance.
  • Her bloodtype is AB positive.
  • Her "guilty pleasure" is a movie titled: A Single Gal in Perugia.
  • The decision to give her red hair was inspired by a Blyth doll on Matt Perlott's desk.
  • To complete Aubrey’s prepster persona Hellion and the writing team added “Miss” to her name to convey the more formal terms of address that might be present in that kind of environment. The “Miss” helped retain some of the haughty attitude that inspired so much of Aubrey’s original creation.